Merit (spoonsharpwit) wrote in o_how_cute,

Actually this happened a long time ago, but...

About a month ago I was at the mall with some friends, and we were sitting on the bench outside the candy store, eating chocolates. Anyhoo, these little kids came up, and they were all running about and frolicing. We started talking to them, and asked the little boy what he wanted to be when he grew up. He wanted to be a kitty. His sister said she wanted to be either a pony or Dora the Explorer. We were talking to their dad, then, and he said, about his little boy, Karl, "One time he told me he wanted to be a baby sitter. A girl babysitter. I told him, boys can't be girls. And he said 'Yes they can. I saw one at the mall once and they painted his hair.'"

A few weeks ago, I was at Stuff (A second hand store that sells nice everything for mucho cheap), and there were these three little kids there, all with their mother, all dressed in matching purple floral outfits. The only little boy was crawling around on the ground, in a figure-eight around his mother's legs, making animal noises. When I couldn't help laughing, because it was so cute, he looked up at me and gave a rather menacing growl.

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